Thursday, March 22, 2012

fluffy bottom {the pocket}

the pocket diaper is the core of our 'daddy stash' or our daddy friendly diapers. i have a specific daddy stash bin to make it easier on hubby when he is doing a diaper change. he just has to pull from there (& sometimes add an extra insert) when changing little man. i take care of everything else.
the current stash consists of (left to right) one go green, two kawaii, one happy heiny's, two fuzzibunz, three bumkins & two thirsties (only one pictured). and the bin also contains a stack of various extra inserts.

pockets are as easy to put on as any disposable diaper, but require a little prep before using. inserting an absorbent insert into the pocket on the diaper. i am still figuring out which brands fit little man the best, so we have a handful of different ones.
clockwise starting at the 12 o'clock position: fuzzibunz size small, kawaii one size (OS), happy heiny's OS, go green OS, fuzzibunz OS, thirsties size one & in the middle bumkins OS
{one size diapers typically fit from 9lbs to 30+lbs. most will fit through potty training.}

every diaper is a little different looking and with that fits a little differently. after having played with various brands, i would recommend not buying all one brand of diaper to start. that brand might not be the best fit on your child. we are still testing each of these to see what works with little man as he grows and the best fitting diaper may change as he grows as well. i picked up most of these on sale or used. typically pocket diapers run $10 - $25. some are more, some are less, just depends on the brand and style. it may seem expensive, but remember you use that same diaper pretty much till they are potty trained. if you have a stash that consists only of pocket diapers you are looking at wanting to invest in at least 24 diapers, but i would recommend 36. if you do 30 diapers at $20 a piece (which is on the high end in my opinion) you are looking at $600. that is really all you need to spend. the issue is all the cute prints. it is so hard to keep from wanting to buy more.
{prefold cost : $2/prefold. $5-$20/cover. so 36 prefolds is $72, plus 6 covers at $15 is $90. so about $162 for a prefold set-up. which is pretty close to what we spent for ours visit my post on prefolds for more info about them.fluffy bottom {the prefold}}
every pocket diaper has a pocket that needs to be stuffed with an insert before being used. there are several inserts you can use. i do not even begin to have all the various options. typically pocket diapers are sold with an insert or two and may have an option for a hemp or bamboo insert instead of the standard microfiber insert. hemp and bamboo are trimmer and just as absorbent. i have purchased extra inserts to use as well.
clockwise starting from upper left corner: microfiber inserts that came with the diapers. thirsties duo hemp prefold. bumkins unbleached cotton prefold.

so what is this talk about 'stuffing the pocket'?
a pocket diaper has a pocket to put the inset in, or the place to put the absorbent material.
this one has two openings for the pocket, which makes it easier to insert and remove.
 you slide the insert into the pocket. this one only has one opening, not two.
you can also stuff it with a tri-folded prefold.

what is a trifold?
basically folding the prefold into thirds.

got my prefold all ready, how do i use it?

it is simple. just like putting on a regular disposable diaper.
1. lay the diaper flat under baby's tush.
2. fold the front over baby.
3. this one has snaps. (some have velcro or 'hook & loop' just like the cover i used in the prefold post.) pull the snap over on one side so it it tight.
4. pull the flap over on the other side and snap in place.
5. i do the leg snaps next, making sure they are secure around little man's legs. ensuring no leaks.
6. diaper in place. yes my little man has a muffin top. way too cute on my little chunky monkey.
7. check the fit around the legs.

pockets are a little trimmer looking than the prefold with a cover. at least when you only have one insert in the pocket. you can add 1-2 more inserts to help with heavy wetting or overnight to keep from diaper getting completely saturated, which can lead to leaks.

who doesn't love a fluffy butt??

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