Thursday, April 05, 2012

fluffy bottom {AI2}

i finally got my first AI2 (all-in-two) diaper. in my opinion it is a cross between an all-in-one (AIO)and a pocket... or maybe a mix between a AIO and using a cover & prefold. well either way it is a little bit different in the way it is set up. from the outside it looks just like the pocket or AIO diapers. this one is a one size (OS) diaper, meaning it will fit from approximately 8lbs to 35lbs. give or take a few pounds. i thought it was a cute boy diaper and for the used price of $9, i figured why not give it a try. this is also a WAHM (work from home mom) diaper. meaning it is a homemade diaper of sorts. usually a small production. this one is a howler monkey bums.

 so from the outside it looks no different from any other cloth diaper. but the inside is what is different.
 the absorbent insert lays on top and snaps into place. this one has a long snake style insert.
 so to set it up for use. you snap the insert in place. fold the insert where the blue meets the white.
 take the fold to the top of the diaper and lay flat.
 take the tail and fold it under. lay flat in diaper cover.
 place diaper under baby.
 and snap on like any other diaper. check to make sure the fit is good so no leaks occur.
it fits a little bulky. more so than the pockets or AIOs, but it seems to absorb really well thanks to the extra layering of the insert.

this is just one style of the AI2 diaper. there are several set-ups with the inserts in how they lay in the diaper. however, with the AI2 diapers the insert always lays on top.

so far i like this diaper and may look into getting some more AI2 diapers. i am also enjoying learning about the world of WAHM diapers. my next thought is ... i can totally make this.... and i really want to try.

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Anthony and Callie said...

Thank you so much for the little review! You're little guy wears Howler Monkey Bums so well. :)