Tuesday, August 21, 2012

fluffy bottom {the fitted}

i am in love with fitted diapers. i only have two currently, but plan to grow this portion of our 'stash.'

what is a fitted?
it is a completely absorbent diaper made of several various layers of absorbent fabrics. usually a really cute print for the outer layer, which is normally a knit fabric or high quality woven. the other layers may include organic bamboo velour or cotton velour, bamboo fleece and stretch fleece. fitteds are extremely absorbent, so the perfect nighttime solution. a good fitted will take several hours to become wet all the way through.

what makes them so absorbent?
they have a 'soaker sandwich' in the inside of the diaper. the soakers are extra layers of absorbent materials.

are these waterproof?
no. you need to use a cover with fitteds, since they do not have a waterproof layer incorporated in them.

what do you put over them?
you can use a PUL cover, fleece or wool over your fitted. or you can let your child run free in the fitted only. great when older. allows your child's behind to breath a little. personally i have been using mainly fleece over my fitteds. a much more breathable option for a cover than a PUL cover offers.

twinkie tush fitted diaper.
 outside of the fitted. the cute print. this one is a knit fabric.
 inside of the fitted without the soakers added.
 this one shows the soaker sandwich. in the end has three layers of the soaker. the soakers snap in.
 this shows it folded down with how it goes on the booty.

 just with the long soaker. when folded down gives two layers.
 or you can use just the single layer soaker for daytime use or a light wetter. less bulky look.

honestly anyway it is worn. who can resist this cute fluffy butt?!

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