Wednesday, August 22, 2012

fluffy bottom {seven month update}

hard to believe our little six pound, ten ounce baby is now seven months old. not only is he 7 months old, but he is a whopping eighteen pounds! which means he has officially outgrown the majority of the cloth diapers we started with. do not fear, we have plenty of diapers for the little man still. i may or may not have a very tiny addiction to buying cloth diapers. especially ones with really cute boy prints, such as anything police related. just maybe. as you are probably guessing my original stash has exploded and grown over the last six months and you would be absolutely correct to assume such things.

my original stash. 36 prefolds (all not pictured), 6 thirsties covers (not pictured) & 7 daddy friendly diapers (two thirsties, 1 fuzzibunz, 1 bum genius & 3 bumkins).  of these original diapers only the fuzzibunz and the bumkin diapers still fit our growing little marshmallow. so as you can see, i needed to expand our modest stash.

so what does our stash look like these days?

all the above plus 3 pocket diapers and a pair of fleece longies (pants).

holy cow! where did all those diapers come from?

i admitted i might have a small addiction. they are so cute and awesome. i mean who would not want their child to have the cutest bum in town. well lucky for our bank account the majority of our diapers were bought at a very reasonable cost. thanks to co-ops and buying used.

yes. i said used. it is a fairly common practice to buy used diapers. they are clean and i clean them when i get them. great way to cloth diaper and save even more. especially when building a stash of daddy friendly diapers, which can become costly quickly.

so the big question, how much did this new stash set up cost?
under $250. so in all i have spent well under $500 since we began cloth diapering for everything needed to cloth diaper.

well i am pretty much set now for the long haul. i do not need to buy any diapers, but i do want to expand his fitteds further. i really like them for night time. i am thinking i would like to try and sew a few of my own. i also plan to continue to make fleece soakers, longies and shorties. over all the months to come should be less and less in spending. i can also start to sell the diapers we like less.

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