Saturday, September 08, 2012

fluffy bottom {fleece}

i keep getting deeper and deeper into my adventures of cloth diapering little man. i have learned so much over the last 8 months. a far cry from where we started with prefolds & pocket diapers. thanks to being on several cloth diaper boards, i have learned about this whole new world. things i would have never known if it were not for so many wonderful mamas sharing what they know with me. because of them i jumped ship and ran to fleece. yes fleece! and i am in love.

my very first piece of fleece for sammy was a custom fleece soaker (diaper cover). i had to get it because it was a police print and she cut it so the police car would be centered on the booty.

why fleece?
fleece is an extremely breathable material and is water resistant. these two reasons together help reduce diaper rash from your little one sitting in a wet diaper too long, especially from wearing over night. fleece is a really durable material as well. it is great for your on the move child. also so many cute fabrics to pick from. fleece is an inexpensive fabric which helps making fleece a cheaper option for cloth diaper covers.

how is fleece used?
fleece is used as a cover over top of a prefold or a fitted diaper. it can also be used over any cloth or disposable diaper for extra protection from leaks. fleece naturally breaths which will allow for the moisture to escape verses being locked in like a PUL cover. fleece may have leaks after extended time covering a soaked diaper and being sat or laid on. for us, if anything his sheet may feel a little damp in the morning but there is no wet spot. you do not want to put other clothing over fleece. fleece is intended to be worn as the bottoms for the outfit.

does any fleece work?
any polyester fleece should work. i mainly use blizzard or anti-pill fleece in my soakers, longies and shorties. yes that means technically if your child has a fleece sleeper or fleece pants from the store they will work in the same way.

soaker, longies & shortis?
a soaker is like the one pictured about. they are a a diaper cover. typically have an extra layer of fleece sewn in the wet zone area to give more protection as well. longies are pants and shorties are shorts. longies and shorties typically have a sling style double layer for wet zone protection. they all function the same. they also do not have to be a perfect fit. we have several soakers that are a size too big and they still work great.

do i have to special wash fleece?
no! fleece does not require special detergent or even being washed separate with your diaper laundry. the opposite is actually the best. wash with your normal loads of wash. the use of regular detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets all help in making fleece that much more "waterproof" or helps to repel the moisture from soaking through the fleece. 

needless to say we are addicted to fleece! after purchasing my first soaker and loving it, i decided to start making my own. which now has lead to me starting to sell them!

i plan to start making more longies and shorties now that it is getting cooler out. i love longies for nighttime use, since they are his pj bottoms.
please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about fleece or cloth diapering in general. i will gladly try to answer all questions the best i can!

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